Local Business Weighs In On Digital Tip Jar

Uncommon Grounds Coffee House & Deli

Uncommon Grounds Coffee House & Deli

While digital tip jars are making a start in New York coffee shops, one local business says it has no need for one.

Melanie Abbott, owner of Uncommon Grounds Coffee House & Deli in Indianola, says she is already taking tips from customers paying with debit and credit cards.

“I just have them write (the tip) on the line, and if there is a tip on a receipt, we pull it out and put it the tips, and we do tip adjusting later,” Abbott said. “That way it’s written down and easier that way.”

Digital tip jars with predetermined tip amounts would also keep customers from tipping the amount they feel comfortable with. Customers have more freedom when tipping on their credit and debit card receipts.

“Some people leave a dollar, some leave $3, some leave 50 cents,” Abbot said.

“(On receipts) they can give different amounts” shop manager, Madonna Van De Kamp, said.  “Sometime people will leave $5.”

Preset tip amounts could also become pricey depending on what a customer orders.

“Our sale prices are a little higher, so a dollar tip on a $2 drink would be kind of high,” said Van De Kamp. “(A digital tip jar) would be better if it was based on a percentage of the sale.”

Learn more about digital tip jars here.


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