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Forbes: 9 Tips To Attract “Rockstar Talent”

Looking to attract some awesome talent to your business? Not sure where to start?

Forbes reports that it’s all about your company’s culture and work environment. Here nine tips to help you attract  the “rockstar talent” you are looking for.

1. Begin With Values:

Your values are your brand. If your values are lousy, your brand will be, too. Take the time to develop a set of strong values. Center your business around those values. Look for people who will integrate well with your company’s values.

2. Have A Big Vision:

People want to be part of something important and bigger than themselves.  Use your company vision to communicate how what your business does is important, and you will have no problem attracting the talent you are looking for.

3. Focus On The Customer:

This is not as easy as it seems. You might have to put off a big business deal in order to put your customers first. Long-term relationships are more important than your short-term profits. Put yourself in your customers shoes to better serve them. When you vision centers around your customers, you will have no problem attracting the right people.

4. Employee Ownership:

Your employees know what they are doing better than anyone else. Let them own what they do. It allows for more creativity and helps them to excel.

5. Transparency:

Don’t just be open about what your employees are doing. Be open about the decisions you are making as an owner, too. Employees can help you find solutions for the tough decisions if you let them.

6. Don’t Be Too Serious:

If you want to have a fun and productive business culture, make it happen.  Encourage your employees to let loose every once and awhile. Let employees participate in March Madness brackets or put a ping pong table in the break room.

7. Celebrate The Wins:

Big or small celebrate the successes your business makes. If you don’t, you may never feel your business has been successful at all.  Your employees will feel the same way, too.

8. Recognize Individual Achievements:

Make sure your employees are asked to come to your office for something other than being in trouble. You could lose a lot of rockstars that way.  Recognition for a job well done every once in awhile can go a long way.

9. Let Go Of Those Who Don’t Mesh:

Some employees want to do their best and succeed. Some employees won’t be as motivated.  Don’t be afraid to let the latter go.  If you hold on to them it could have negative affect on your company’s culture. Replace those who don’t measure up with the rockstar employees you want to work at your business.

For more about attracting “rockstar talent”, check out the original article.


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