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Time Saving Tips

Windup_alarm_clockTime is one of the most important assets small business owners seem to lack. As an owner, you do so much more than your average employee.

Small Business Trends has 50 tips to help save as much of your precious time as possible. Check out the following top ten.

1. Set Goals:

Create a detailed to-do list of goals for each day.

2. Create A Plan:

Decide when you want to accomplish each goal. Also figure out what you will need for each one.

3. Prioritize By Importance:

You may have too many goals written down for each day. List the most important goals first.

4. Prioritize By Urgency:

Also add goals with upcoming deadlines at the top of the list.

5. Break Down Larger Tasks:

A large task will be easier to accomplish when broken down into smaller tasks.

6. Be Realistic:

You won’t get everything done in an hour.  Know your limits.

7. Track Your Time:

Write down everything you do and how long it takes for a few days.  Knowing how you spend your time can help eliminate time wasters.

8. Set Deadlines:

Deadlines will help you get motivated and keep you from wasting time.

9. Keep An Eye On The Clock:

This will help you stay on track and keep the day from getting away from you.

10. Set Reminders:

Set reminders to go off before deadlines and meeting to help you remember.

See Small Business Trends for the remaining 40 time saving tips.


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I am a graduate of Simpson College with a degree in Multimedia Journalism.


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