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Time Saving Tips

Time is one of the most important assets small business owners seem to lack. As an owner, you do so much more than your average employee. Small Business Trends has 50 tips to help save as much of your precious time as possible. Check out the following top ten. 1. Set Goals: Create a detailed … Continue reading

Cut Small Business Expenses, Save Big Money

Want to save money but don’t know where to start? Most of your money in your small business goes toward expenses. Employee pay, inventory and rent expenses are the biggest money eaters. Small Business Trends let’s you in on some tips to cut back your expenses and put more money in your savings account. Payroll … Continue reading

Forbes: 9 Tips To Attract “Rockstar Talent”

Looking to attract some awesome talent to your business? Not sure where to start? Forbes reports that it’s all about your company’s culture and work environment. Here nine tips to help you attract  the “rockstar talent” you are looking for. 1. Begin With Values: Your values are your brand. If your values are lousy, your … Continue reading

Honesty Pass It On

Customers want answers to their questions more than information about your business. Honesty can end up being the best policy for your business. The Huffington Post reports how honesty save one man’s failing pool business. Marcus Sheridan’s business, River Pools and Spas, was floundering. Several customers had cancelled jobs worth $50,000 a piece. He was … Continue reading

Small Business Loans Saw Quarterly Increase In 2012

Government data suggests small business lending was up during the last quarter of 2012. Fox News reports the total amount of outstanding small business loans at the end of 2012 was $586 billion.  That’s a $2 billion increase from the third quarter. The FDIC began tracking loans on a quarterly basis in 2010. This is … Continue reading

Study Finds Women Are Less Likely To Receive Loans

A study conducted by Biz2Credit finds that businesses owned by women are more likely to be turned down for loans. Bloomberg Businessweek reports Biz2Credit analyzed 14,000 loan applications from the last six months of 2012. Out of those 14,000 applications, women-owned businesses were 15 to 20 percent less like to receive approval for a small … Continue reading

Saving Merchandise Can Cost You

Do you have seasonal merchandise you didn’t sell? Thinking about packing it up and saving it for next year? Stop right there!  Holding on to merchandise in hopes of being able to sell it at it’s original sale price can hurt your business. IowaBiz warns saving merchandise can cost businesses more money to store than … Continue reading

Tax Tips and Tricks

Tax season is a stressful time for most Americans, but it can be even more so for the self-employed and small businesses. USA Today has some tax tips and tricks to help take the edge off of tax preparation and help you save. 9 Tax Tips for the Self-employed: 1. Remember you didn’t pay taxes … Continue reading

House Committee Proposes Small Business Tax Reform

The House Ways and Means Committee proposed ideas Tuesday for small business tax reformation. Forbes reports committee Chairman Dave Camp (MI-R) is the main backer for reforming small business taxes. The Committee’s proposal includes: expanding current tax benefits and changes to the structure of current taxes for small and medium businesses. First under Section 179, … Continue reading

New York Coffee Shops Test Digital Tip Jars

With customer use of credit and debit card on the rise, digital tip jars could be an effective addition to the traditional tip jar. Reuters reports some New York City coffee shops have gone digital when it comes to taking customer tips with DipJar, a tip jar that takes credit and debit cards. Customers merely … Continue reading logo
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